Staron® mineral-acrylic boards

Staron® boards are a mineral-acrylic material from the Solid Surface group, offering a wealth of innovative interior design solutions.

Thanks to its components such as: aluminum hydroxide, acrylic resins and natural pigments, it can be heat treated, which allows you to model it according to your wildest ideas.

What is Staron®?

STARON® is a solid, homogeneous and pore-free material for the production of boards and pressed elements, consisting of one third ofacrylic resin (PMMA) and two-thirds of aluminum hydroxide, a natural mineral produced from bauxite and  pigments.

Staron® boards

Staron is distinguished by exceptional durability, it is renewable and easy to repair, it can be periodically grinded and polished, which makes it look like new even after many years of intensive use.

The material can be joined seamlessly, so we can obtain any dimensions and thicknesses.

The boards are available in an attractive and wide range of colors, the surface can be matte, semi-matte and high gloss finish

Staron® boards - offer

Our offer includes:

  • STARON® boards (37 decors in stock from JUAN)
  • adhesives dedicated to STARON® boards and glue guns
  • materials for processing STARON® boards: electric grinders, grinding and polishing materials, cloths, etc.

Staron® boards - application

The material is widely used in interior design, furniture construction, wall and facade coverings inside and outside rooms.

With Staron® boards you can make:

  • counters
  • countertops
  • conference tables
  • sanitary rooms, public toilets
  • reception desks
  • restaurants and bars
  • cash desks
  • exhibitions and boards
  • window sills, wall cladding

Staron® boards - features

  • high durability
  • easy processing
  • thermoplastic properties (easy to shape at high temperature)
  • resistance to water
  • resistance to dirt, discoloration and chemicals
  • hygienic properties (the material does not penetrate dirt, fungi, bacteria)
  • ease of cleaning
  • renewable and easy to repair
  • seamless connection, no visible joints
  • homogeneous structure throughout the material cross-section
  • fire resistance
  • taking the ambient temperature
  • wide range of colors

Staron® mineral-acrylic board - dimensions







6 760 2500 19,6
12,3 760 3680 59,2


6 760 2500 18,4
12,3 760 3680 55,6


12,3 760 3680 55,6









Recommended thickness for countertops: 12,3mm

Attention: When buying, make sure that the boards from which the product will be made come from one production batch, as there may be slight differences in shades between individual batches of boards.

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Staron® boards - benefits for the customer

When you buy Staron® boards from us, you can be sure that:

  • it is a hygienic, renewable and easy-care material
  • you will get any dimensions and shapes
  • you will create a unique and functional interior!