We offer laminates that meet the highest design requirements. Variety of designs of our products gives you unlimited possibilities of designing your interior.

Our offer includes:

  • CPL laminates,
  • HPL laminates.

What is a laminate

Laminate is a decorative material made of a combination of materials with different physical, technological and mechanical properties. They can be successfully glued to various surfaces (e.g. chipboard or MDF)

Laminates are materials that are made of:

  • multiple layers of core paper,
  • decorative paper,
  • top protective layer (OVERLAY).

The individual layers are impregnated in thermosetting resins under high pressure and high temperature. The result is a solid material that combines high visual appeal and resistance.

Laminates - features

The most important advantages of laminates are:

  • abrasion resistance,
  • hygiene,
  • availability in many colors and structures,
  • easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

CPL laminates

CPL laminates (Continuous Pressed Laminate) are produced in a continuous technology, on roller presses. The CPL laminate, apart from sheets, is also delivered in rolls, which reduces possible losses during cutting.

CPL laminates - application

CPL laminates you will use for production:

  • wall panels,
  • countertops,
  • window sills,
  • furniture fronts,
  • doors and door frames.

HPL laminates

HPL (High Pressed Laminate) laminates they are produced in sheets, in plate presses under increased pressure (up to 9 MPa) and at increased temperature (up to 185 ° C). Contrary to CPL laminates - they have more layers of core papers, which increases their thickness and strength.

You can buy from us HPL laminates:

  • standard - intended for covering flat horizontal surfaces (HGS) or for flat vertical surfaces (VGS),
  • postforming - ideal for covering surfaces with rounded edges. They can be reformatted after heating to a temperature of 165-185 °. You will use them for the production of worktops, doors and window sills,
  • fire-retardant - they combine two features: flame retardant and decorative, making them an ideal combination of design and functionality,
  • special laminates:
    • colored laminates,
    • laminates with individual printing,
    • laminates with a metallic coating,
    • magnetic laminates,
    • high gloss laminates,
    • laminates with a natural veneer coating.

HPL laminates - application

HPL laminates you can successfully use in production:

  • kitchen worktops,
  • box and upholstered furniture,
  • furniture fronts
  • sliding and external doors,
  • wall panels.

HPL compact boards

HPL compact boards (HPL compact laminates) are solid, self-supporting laminates with very good mechanical properties. They are made of an appropriate amount of core papers, which translates into their thickness. Decorative layers appear on both sides of the board. For greater durability - they are protected with a durable coating (OVERLAY). They are available in thicknesses from 2mm.

HPL compact boards are available in two types:

  • internal compact boards,
  • external compact boards.

Internal compact boards

Internal compact boards They are distinguished by very high resistance to the presence of water, moisture and all kinds of mechanical damage. These features make them an excellent material for use in the so-called "Wet zones" and in facilities with increased intensity of use.

Internal compact boards - features

Internal compact boards are:

  • extremely resistant to moisture,
  • mechanically durable - including highly abrasion resistant,
  • resistant to chemical and biological compounds,
  • easy to care for,
  • available in a flame-retardant version.

Internal compact boards - application

Internal compact boards you will use for production:

  • sanitary cabins,
  • cloakroom lockers (swimming pool and clothes),
  • countertops and counters,
  • wall cladding in laboratories, medical facilities, hotels, office buildings and residential buildings,
  • interior furnishings.

External compact boards

External compact boards They are distinguished by high resistance to difficult weather conditions. Excellent technical parameters and a wide range of colors make external compact boards an ideal alternative to traditional facade materials.

External compact boards - features

External compact boards are characterized by:

  • resistance to UV radiation,
  • resistance to weather conditions,
  • surface hardness and resistance,
  • easy to clean.

External compact boards they can also be flame retardant.

External compact boards - application

External compact boards you can successfully apply as:

  • ventilated façade claddings,
  • soffits,
  • balcony furnishings,
  • decorative partitions and fences.

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Laminates - benefits for the customer

When buying from us laminates you can be sure that:

  • it will be a durable, hygienic and easy-care material,
  • they will give your interior a unique character,
  • a huge selection of decors and structures will diversify your design.