We have a wide range of chipboardswhich, due to their parameters, give you unlimited application possibilities.

Raw chipboard is available in the following categories:

  • raw chipboard P2 dedicated to use in dry conditions,
  • raw chipboard P2 "light" with lower volumetric weight,
  • raw chipboard P2 B – S2 – d0 fireproof the so-called, red board, which does not spread fire,
  • P3 moisture-resistant chipboard with an indication for use in humid conditions.

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What is chipboard

Chipboard is a three-layer construction material made of wood shavings with the addition of resin joints. The inner layer of the board is made of thicker chips, which gives it adequate stiffness. On the other hand, the outer layers consist of finer chips, which has a positive effect on the smoothness of the board. The outer layers are also the basis for further processing - laminating, veneering, varnishing or foiling.

Chipboard it is used primarily in the furniture industry and construction.

Raw chipboard P2

Raw chipboard P2 is a non-load-bearing board intended for use in dry conditions.

Raw chipboard P2 , has the E-1 class hygienic certificate, and all its parameters comply with the EN 312 standard.

Raw chipboard P2 - features

The strictly defined production process makes the chipboards are:

  • equally durable over the entire surface,
  • easy to process,
  • smooth,
  • versatile in use,
  • available in many thicknesses,

Raw chipboard P2 - application

You can successfully use chipboard in the furniture industry and in construction, as:

  • construction material for the production of upholstered furniture,
  • base for countertops and postforming window sills,
  • semi-finished product for the production of wall and floor panels,
  • base for veneering, laminating, varnishing and foiling,
  • insulation material and an element of partition walls.

Raw P2 chipboard - "Light"

Thanks to its lower density of <500 kg / m3, the P2 “light” panel is above all:

  • easier transport due to lower weight,
  • the same strength parameters as for ordinary particle board P2.

The unique features of raw P2 "light" chipboard will allow you to use it as:

  • self-supporting insulating material,
  • elements for the production of interior doors.

Raw particle board P2, fire retardant

Fireproof board is a raw chipboard, the core of which is colored red. Thanks to the appropriate manufacturing process, it does not spread fire and has the following certificates:

  • DIN 4102-1 in fire classification B1,
  • fire resistance class M1 in accordance with NF P 92-501.

All panel parameters are in accordance with the EN 13501-1 standard in the Euroclass B fire resistance class.

Fire retardant board - features

Fire retardant boards are characterized by:

  • slower spread of flames,
  • insignificant heat release,
  • minimal emission of smoke,
  • lack of burning drops (d0), which are the main cause of burns during a fire.

Moreover, they have the same strength parameters as in the case of raw particle board P2.

Fireproof board - application

The special features of fire retardant boards give you many application possibilities. You can buy from us fire retardant boards which can be used as:

  • elements for furniture construction and interior design,
  • wall and ceiling cladding,
  • non-flammable partitions and doors,
  • non-bearing roof overlay.

P3 moisture resistant board

The moisture-resistant board is a non-load-bearing chipboard, which, thanks to the use of synthetic resins as joints, is particularly recommended for use in wet conditions.

We offer moisture-resistant boards, the static properties of which have been confirmed by construction supervision in accordance with the EN 312 standard for type 3.

P3 moisture resistant board - features

Unique features of moisture resistant boards are as follows:

  • resistance to increased humidity,
  • shape stability and easy processing,
  • hygienic cleanliness class E1.

P3 moisture resistant board - application

Resistance to increased humidity will allow you to use it in a specialized manner in:

Construction, for construction:

  • non-load-bearing wall and ceiling cladding,
  • periodic closings of window and door openings,

Furniture industry as:

  • elements of furniture particularly exposed to water in the kitchen and bathroom,

Raw chipboards - dimensions

You can buy raw chipboard in the following dimensions:




10 2800 × 2070; 3050 × 2440
12 2800 × 2070
16 2800×2070; 2750×1830; 3050×2440
18 2800×2070; 2750×1830; 3050×2440
22 2800 × 2070
25 2800 × 2070
28 2800×2070; 3050×2440;4200×2440
38 3050 × 2460; 4200 × 2440


38 2600 × 2050
50 2600 × 2050


16 2800 × 2070
18 2800 × 2070


12 2800 × 2070
16 2800 × 2070
18 2800 × 2070

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Raw particle boards - benefits for the customer

Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our services. By ordering from us chipboard you can be sure that:

  • you will find the CD you need,
  • we will adjust the size of the plate to your needs,
  • the boards meet all the requirements and classes of safety, hygiene and durability,
  • they come from the best producers on the market.