MDF boards

We are a distributor of MDF boards of various thicknesses, which combine ease of processing as well as durability and dimensional stability.

Our offer includes the following types of MDF boards:

  • raw MDF board with a homogeneous, smooth surface - ideal for machining,
  • Two-sided and one-sided white melamine MDF board base plate used for the production of fronts,
  • white melamine moisture-resistant MDF board (double-sided) with increased resistance to moisture,
  • raw fire-retardant MDF board resistant to high temperature,
  • white melamine fire-retardant MDF board (double-sided) compared to the raw board - enriched with double-sided melamination,
  • "HDD" lacquered MDF board improved structure using polymerization technology.

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What is MDF

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a wood-based material, made by pressing wood or plant fibers under conditions of increased temperature and pressure. The addition of amino resins has a positive effect on the cohesion of the board and the stability of its shape and size. MDF board is a single-layer board, which makes it extremely easy to work with.

Raw MDF board - features

MDF raw, thanks to its high-quality surface, it is an excellent base for further refinement, and is recommended for use in dry rooms. Additional advantages MDF board are as follows:

  • ease of processing, especially when cutting, milling, drilling,
  • dimensional and shape stability,
  • easier lamination, veneering, varnishing and foiling thanks to a smooth surface,
  • durability,
  • low levels of swelling.

Raw MDF board - application

MDF boards can be used as:

  • base for the production of furniture fronts,
  • decorative wall panels and coffers - after prior refinement,
  • doors and frames,
  • finishing, skirting and crowning strips,
  • base material for the production of countertops,
  • various packaging,
  • structural elements,
  • thermal and acoustic insulation materials.

Melamine MDF board

Melamine MDF board - features

MDF melamine is formed on the basis MDF PLUS raw, however, due to its greater density in the middle of the board, it is an ideal material for deep milling. Other properties MDF , this :

  • stability of dimensions and shapes,
  • high physicochemical parameters as in the case of MDF raw board
  • ease of processing,
  • possibility of varnishing,
  • hygiene,
  • high durability and resistance.

Melamine MDF board - application

MDF boards can be used as:

  • semi-finished product in interior joinery,
  • base for refining fronts.

Two-sided melamine moisture resistant MDF board

Two-sided melamine moisture-resistant MDF board - features

MDF double-sided melamine moisture-resistant, made on the basis of MDF PLUS raw with high density. The addition of special resins increases its resistance to moisture.

Specified production process makes this MDF board resistant to water and results in the following features:

  • resistant to moisture and swelling,
  • smooth and easy to work with,
  • stable and durable.

Two-sided melamine moisture resistant MDF board - application

MDF boards double-sided melamine resistant, thanks to its resistance to moisture, you can use it as:

  • bathroom and kitchen fittings,
  • weather-resistant packaging,
  • display stands, racks, boards,
  • floors in trailers and sides.

Fire-retardant raw and melamine MDF board

Fire retardant raw and melamine MDF board - features

MDF boards fireproof are formed on the base MDF raw. The production process is enriched with the use of appropriate chemicals to prevent exposure to high temperatures. Fire retardant raw MDF board - colored red, while fire retardant melamine MDF board - additionally covered with white melamine on both sides.

The most important features of fire retardant raw and melamine MDF boards are:

  • low flammability - reaction to fire class: B-s2, d0,
  • ease of processing,
  • stability of dimensions and shape,
  • thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • smooth surface ideal for further refinement (laminating, varnishing and foiling),
  • hygiene,
  • low levels of swelling.

Fire retardant raw and melamine MDF board - application

MDF boards fireproof, it is an excellent base for:

  • fire-resistant furniture and decorations,
  • flame-retardant fronts and packages,
  • non-load-bearing ceiling and wall cladding,
  • use in public buildings and laboratories.

Varnished MDF HDD board

Varnished MDF board HDD - features

Varnished MDF board HDD (High Definition Design) is made on the basis of MDF PLUS, and the increased density in the central part of the plate - allows for an even easier deep milling process. You can buy a board covered with water-based acrylic lacquer in white and black. Available with us MDF varnished HDD is primarily:

  • interesting design,
  • modern finishing structure,
  • innovative technology of surface polymerization.

HDD lacquered MDF board - application

HDD lacquered MDF board can be used as:

  • furniture fronts and wall panels,
  • the basis of furniture,
  • marketing boards,
  • store equipment,
  • partition walls.

MDF boards - dimensions

We offer MDF in the following dimensions:




6 2800 × 2070
8 2800 × 2070
10 2800 × 2070
12 2800 × 2070
16 2800 × 2070
18 2800 × 2070
19 2800 × 2070
22 2800 × 2070
25 2800 × 2070
28 2800 × 2070
30 2800 × 2070
38 2800 × 2070
44 2800 × 2150


16 2800 × 2070
18 2800 × 2070
19 2800 × 2070


16 2800 × 2070
18 2800 × 2070


16 2800 × 2070
19 2800 × 2070


6 3050 × 1220
12 2800 × 2070
16 2800 × 2070
19 2800 × 2070
25 2800 × 2070


16 2800 × 1250
18 2800 × 1250

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MDF boards - benefits for the customer

Every day we make every effort to ensure that the products we deliver are exactly what our customers need. Bought from us MDF boards are:

  • in the shape and size you are looking for,
  • safe for people and the environment based on restrictive production processes,
  • an interesting complement to your projects.