HDF boards

We offer HDF boards which combine high technical parameters, solid workmanship, good quality and an attractive price.

Our HDF boards will allow you to:

  • reduce the cost of furniture production
  • increase the scope of services you provide.

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HDF boards - offer

We offer HDF boards which:

  • meet all the physicochemical and chemical requirements of the product
  • have hygiene class E-1
  • are produced on the basis of high-quality raw material.

We offer HDF boards in two thicknesses.
Additionally, they are available in two types:

  • raw HDF board (thickness 3 or 4 mm)
  • HDF board varnished on one and both sides (thickness 3 mm)

What is an HDF board

HDF (high density fiberboard), also known as "backboard" - it is a wood fiber board distinguished by its hardness, ease of processing and increased density.

Lacquered HDF boards

Base for HDF boards are varnished raw HDF boards. raw. The outer shell is coated with UV varnish, which additionally contributes to high resistance to mechanical and chemical factors and has a positive effect on the ease of maintenance. Other properties of the varnished HDF board are the same as those of the raw board.

HDF boards - application

HDF  are mainly used in the furniture industry. You can successfully use them as:

  • plates on the bottom of drawers
  • furniture back walls, backboard / plate for furniture back
  • elements of upholstered furniture
  • elements of cabinet furniture
  • complementing furniture and carpentry products
  • framing of paintings and mirrors
  • packaging

HDF boards - features

Strictly defined production process of HDF boards gives it features that are particularly appreciated in the furniture industry. You can buy from us HDF boards which are:

  • resistant to deformation
  • easy to process
  • resistant to chemical agents
  • resistant to mechanical damage
  • ideal for drilling, screwing
  • can be cut and bent

HDF boards - dimensions




3 2800 × 2070
4 2800 × 2070


3 2800 × 2070

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HDF boards - benefits for the customer

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