Furniture boards

Furniture boards are used in the widely understood furniture industry, as the basic material for arranging interiors, creating cabinet furniture or upholstered furniture, etc. The range includes, above all, boards used in dry conditions, but it is becoming increasingly popular to use moisture-proof boards as well as fire-retardant boards of specialized application.

Furniture boards - offer

We have a wide range of raw, monochromatic boards and ones which faithfully reproduce the beauty of natural wood. Due to our diverse offer, every interior can be unique and innovative.

Our range of furniture boards includes:

  • melamine boards,
  • veneered boards,
  • AR + high gloss boards,
  • raw chipboard,
  • MDF,
  • HDF,
  • OSB,
  • honeycomb boards,
  • fibreboards,
  • flexible plywood,
  • interior plywood.

Melamine boards

Melamine board is the most popular material used in furniture production. It is produced on the basis of raw chipboard P2, covered on both sides with decorative paper impregnated with thermosetting resin. The result is a material characterized by high aesthetic quality, high durability, which is also easy to process.

We offer melamine boards:

  • in over 150 decors with different surface structures,
  • in thickness of 18 mm and dimension: 2800 mm x 2070 mm (selected decors are also available in thicknesses 10, 12, 16, 25mm),
  • in accordance with the EN 14322 standard.

Melamine boards - features

The base material for the melamine board is raw chipboard P2, which affects the ease of machining and low level of tool damage. Additionally, melamine boards are:

  • used for various purposes,
  • available in variety of colors and a wide range of surface structures,
  • easy to clean,
  • extremely stable,
  • resistant to heat and chemicals.

Melamine boards - application

Melamine boards can be used for:

  • production of furniture bodies, fronts and sliding doors,
  • creating decorative elements of interior design.

Veneered boards

The base of veneered boards is raw chipboard or MDF, covered on both sides with a thin layer of natural wood (veneer).

Varnishing veneered boards highlights the natural beauty of wood and facilitates the production of aesthetically pleasing furniture.

We offer veneered boards:

  • in the most popular decors used in the furniture industry,
  • in thicknesses: 11 and 19mm - based on raw chipboard,
  • in thickness: 19mm - based on raw MDF board.

Veneered boards - features

Veneered boards are:

  • easy to process,
  • large surfaces with a natural wood look,
  • possibility of varnishing,
  • used for various purposes,
  • natural-looking.

Veneered boards - application

Veneered boards can be used for the production of the following elements:

  • furniture fronts,
  • wardrobe bodies, sliding doors,
  • countertops,
  • wall panels,
  • doors.

AR + high gloss board

AR + board is a product based on raw P2 chipboard. The upper part of the board is covered with high-gloss AR Plus® laminate, while the bottom of the board is stuck on balancer laminate. Acronym AR means "abrasion resistant". AR + laminates have twice the abrasion resistance of traditional glossy surfaces, which extends the lifecycle of the laminate. The product is a popular choice in the hotel and restaurant sectors, public buildings, as well as commercial establishments, etc.


  • fronts
  • wall panels,
  • sliding doors.

Raw chipboard

Raw chipboard is a non-load bearing plate, which should be used in dry conditions. It can be used to produce:

  • furniture,
  • countertops,
  • packaging,
  • insulation in construction business.
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MDF is a single-layer board, extremely easy to process. It can be used to produce:

  • furniture fronts,
  • structural elements,
  • coffers,
  • door carpentry.
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HDF is distinguished by hardness, ease of processing and increased density. It can be used as:

  • rear wall of cabinet furniture,
  • bottom of drawers,
  • frame for mirrors and paintings.

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OSB due to the specificity of its construction, it is ideally suited for:

  • skeletal and traditional construction,
  • furniture industry as an element of interior design,
  • packaging production,
  • construction of platforms, formwork and temporary fencing.
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Honeycomb boards

Honeycomb boards are boards consisting of paper filling with a characteristic structure (the so-called "Honeycomb") and thin outer board (usually chipboard). The advantages of honeycomb boards include:

  • weight reduction without loss of load capacity, stiffness, stability and other structural features,
  • lower production cost compared to solid wood or full board elements.

Honeycomb boards can be used in:

  • furniture industry,
  • production of doors and construction joinery.


Fibreboards are an ecological wood-based material. The multi-directional fibers create a highly compact and strong structure. Fibreboard is an excellent:

  • structural material,
  • facing material,
  • decorative material.

Fibreboard is characterized by:

  • strength,
  • adequate hardness and stiffness with an even surface,
  • easy assembly and processing.

Flexible plywood

Flexible plywood is a unique material that, due to the possibility of bending, can be used for:

  • production of furniture in complex shapes,
  • yacht finishing,
  • production of ecological toys and modelling components.

Interior plywood

Interior plywood is intended for use in dry conditions. Interior plywood, can be used for:

  • construction of upholstered furniture ,
  • boxes, door panels and drawers.

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Furniture boards - benefits for the customer

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  • with a quality certificate from recognized producers.

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