Compact countertops

Thin, modern countertops with increased resistance to moisture, abrasion and high temperature.

  • modern design
  • thickness 12mm
  • double-sided decorative surface

Compact countertops – construction

Compact countertops are made by pressing several dozen layers of specially impregnated core and decorative paper sheets using high pressure and temperature.

Compact countertops – advantages

Check what distinguishes compact countertops:

  • water resistance,
  • high temperature resistance,
  • easy to clean and care,
  • hygiene,
  • resistance to micro-scratches,
  • they do not require additional edging, they have a monochromatic core (black, white, gray or brown) color matched to the decor on the surface,
  • double-sided decorative surface allows the countertop to be used on islands and in open cabinets,
  • possibility of using suspended sinks.

Compact countertops – application

You can use kitchen countertops as:

  • worktops in kitchen furniture,
  • kitchen islands,
  • bathroom countertops,
  • table tops and desks,
  • reception, shop and restaurant counters.

Compact countertops – dimensions




12 4100/3050 * 650*

* selected decors

The countertops have a protective foil on the decorative layers.

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