Acrylic boards

Innovative solutions for your interior

  • intended for the production of furniture fronts and decorative elements
  • exceptional resistance to abrasion, scratches and UV radiation
  • available in two variants: Super Gloss and Deep Matte

About the product

JUAN Acrylic boards are an ideal proposition for those who value more than just... beautiful interiors and luxurious design, but first of all functionality.
That's great alternative dla lacquered boards – they are much more durable and high-quality materials used to produce acrylic boards guarantee long product life. The depth of colors and the play of light create spectacular mirror effect and the deep matte finish gives the interior a unique look modern character.

They are produced based on reinforced MDF PLUS boards, covered with an acrylic sheet increased immunity na abrasion and high color durability.
The records are available in the collection: PREMIUM.

Product advantages

  • Unique and attractive high gloss effect and/ or deep matte
  • Hygienic and ecological
  • Universal and multifunctional
  • Easy to clean and care
  • Increased resistance to UV radiation
  • Ergonomics/economics of production (disc format 2800 x 1300mm)

Product versatility allows even the boldest arrangement combinations. The interior benefits unique lookintense color depth will highlight every shade of the board. Acrylic boards apply to both in home and commercial interiors -such as restaurants, shops, laboratories and offices.

What distinguishes JUAN Akryl boards?

  • Above-average durability for mechanical damage
  • High quality acrylic (PMMA/ABS) in variant: PREMIUM
  • Back-pressure material PP – high impact polystyrene (HIPS) has an almost perfectly smooth structure
  • Dedicated edging perfectly matched to the color of the acrylic
  • Reinforced MDF PLUS boards, in thicknesses of 10, 17 and 18 mm
  • Possibility of covering the board with a sheet acrylic ANTI-FINGER – resistant to fingerprints (PREMIUM)
  • Increased resistance to UV rays
  • The highest quality at an attractive price

Application of acrylic boards:

  • Furniture fronts
  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Decorative elements
  • Elements of shop design
  • Sliding wardrobe doors
  • Furniture development

Dimensions of acrylic boards







2800 1300 Super Gloss 18,3
Deep Matt 18,1

White counter-pressure material

Thicknesses available on request:

Super Gloss: 11,3mm; 17,3mm; 19,3mm
Deep Matt: 11,1mm; 17,1mm; 19,1mm

PREMIUM collection

Product features

In records from the collection PREMIUM we applied acrylic, which is covered with a special film thanks to which after removing the protective foil the board surface is ready for use.

  • Plates available in two variants: Super Shine and Deep Matte
  • Available in 9 deep and unique colors
  • Acrylic sheet with a thickness of 0,7 mm (Super Gloss) and 0,5mm (Deep Matt)
  • Matte boards are covered with a sheet ANTIFIGER (resistant to fingerprints)
  • Very high scratch resistance
  • Very high resistance to chemical agents
  • Increased resistance to UV radiation

Construction of the JUAN Akryl PREMIUM board

Base material: MDF PLUS
Top layer of the board: acrylic sheet 0,7 mm thick (Super Gloss) or 0,5mm (Deep Matt)
Bottom layer of the board: counter-pressure material (HIPS) 0,6 mm thick